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The brand is always one of the key aspects for the company's success - it represents the face of the company. In fact, the company is often referred to by its brand, and they become one and the same.

Relevance is the single greatest determining factor for a brand's long-term success.

It's not enough to be relevant at one moment in time. Brands must be  relentlessly relevant  by earning loyalty at every point in the customer journey, again and again.

The branding is a substantial process in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers' mind. The structure of the branding consists of different components - first of all it is important to find the identity of the brand  to make it memorable and appealing to the consumer. The awareness of the product is also essential to create the brand.  The right analysis and strategy is the key factor for the process of successful branding in a competitive market, while momentum is an essential part of it.

We know Brands and have already worked among others with the following:

Bacardi, BMW, Belvedere, Crème de la Crème, Gray Goose, Hines: Intelligent Real Estate Investments, LVMH, MINI, Red Bull,  Philip Morris, Veltins

An event is a special unusual happening with a certain relevance. An event is a planned and organized occasion and occurs in  different forms - it can be public or social and may also be used to define a brand or celebrate a special cause. The challenge of an outstanding event is the connection between the happening and it's participants.

The event takes place on a multiple process and can be divided into different parts. The organizer has to plan and realize every single step of the upcoming event , then arranging the smooth running itself and afterwards postprocessing the outcome of the realized event .

For the participant on the other hand the Event  is a multi-leveled experience. First of all the anticipation starts with the invitation, followed by the actual happening and ends with a successful review of the event , which leaves the participant with something sustainable.


We know how successful events work...  and we will take care of your needs! We have realized many events in the order of 10 to 5000 guests. Our clients were among others:

Agent Provocateur, Amano Group, Bain & Company, Deutsche Bahn AG, Galeries Lafayette, German Polo Masters, Heroes of the Night, I Love You But I've Chosen Disco, McKinsey, MINI Berlin, Sony Music, Synflex, 12 Apostel Group, Zalando

IN MOMENTUM is a full service agency, which advises, accompanies, develops and produces all measures in the areas of brands, events and marketing. We are also specified in creating specific think tank events.

We are skilled to provide the following services to you

event planning

Creating the concept / Searching the right location / Arranging the travel plans and hotels / Handling the invitation process / Directing the guest relations / Managing the accreditation / Decorating the set design / Selecting the hostesses / Booking the entertainment / Recommending the matching catering / Organizing the car service / providing the security / operating the coat check / dealing with sponsors / inviting additional guests to the event.

Location Finder

We know Berlin... and are aware of hundreds of locations. We are cooperating with many venues from urban places to luxury hotels - whether you think about  an event on a boat in the middle of Berlin, the sophisticated atmosphere of a museum, a unique lost  place like an old factory, a rooftop with magnificent views over the skyline or the trendy premises of a hot spot like the Soho House - we will find the right location for you and we will get you in.

We are also well connected all around Germany, and can provide our services nationwide. And even outside Germany we are able to give you a helping hand to turn your event into a success.

Marketing Analysis

We analyze your marketing. We dive into your processes, review your marketing strategy and deliver solutions to optimize it.


Brand Communication / Event Communication / PR / Social Media Services / Influencer Marketing

fire  strategies

Analyzing the market / detecting the brand core / working out the fitting concept / building the brand / supervising the brand presence / expanding the brand's range

branded entertainment

Creating a fitting entertainment experience for your brand, to entertain existing and future customers while bonding them to the brand.


Think tank workshops

We will prepare, realize and direct a think tank for your employees as a workshop.

Our job is to find the right location (Tank) to unleash the creativity, conceive the agenda (Think) and detect the results for you.

Using our creativity and knowledge as an external think tank

We can function as an external think tank for your company, analyzing your existing structures, then creating up to date approaches and successful concepts in order to break new ground. We are also able to bring in more experts to have an even wider range of discussion.

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