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"Alone, we can do so little, together we can do so much." 
Martin Luther King


With more than 20 years of experience in marketing consulting, brand development and event management, we have already successfully implemented many interesting projects.

A selection of companies with whom we have worked in a spirit of trust:

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“"Talents win games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.""
Michael Jordan



Max Nicolas Dallmann
- Founder, qualified media consultant
- Marketing Expert
- Brand strategist

- Event Pro, organized 700+ events with more than 650,000 guests
- Branded Entertainment Consultant
- can be reached directly by email:  here

IN MOMENTUM is a full-service remote agency that works with experienced freelancers to handle each project as it needs to be handled, not as an agency's resources usually allow.


In a rapidly changing time, quick adaptation to new circumstances is essential, especially for agencies. They need to be able to move quickly in the market and adapt to the needs of their clients. With the knowledge we brought from our previous agencies, we understand the market and what is needed. We stand for flexibility in any form.

Some of our Freelance Pros:



Event clerk / Specialty: Corporate Events


Brand Consultant Specialty: Fluently English, Italian

Event Professional Specialty: Fairs & Conferences & Parties

performance  Marketeer / Specialty: SEO/SEA

Marketing Analyst
Specialty: Setting the right focus

Our freelancers are all experts in their field, team players and know how to excel under our direction. With this method, we are able to successfully manage projects of almost any size, from very small to very large, so that every client gets exactly what they ask for.

What is a remote agency?

A remote agency is an agency that operates without a large physical office, meaning that employees work mostly from their own desks.

Today, some of the most successful tech companies in the world are looking to implement permanent work-from-home options or flexible remote work policies for their workforce - if they haven't already.

What are the advantages of a remote agency?

In addition to the already mentioned flexibility in terms of the number of employees for the respective project, the independence of location is also an important argument in favor of a remote agency. Sustainability through a lower environmental impact is also worth mentioning.

Furthermore, the remuneration of a remote agency is on average much lower, because it works more cost-efficiently (savings through rent, technology, furniture, infrastructure, parking garages, etc.).

In the end, the customer benefits from a remote agency on several levels, because he gets exactly the number of employees he needs for the project at a fair, transparent price.

Does remote work  on all projects?

Some of our assignments were very large, so an office including a meeting room was necessary for a certain period of time.  For this, we rented suitable premises in a co-working space, but only for as long as was necessary for the project. Because flexibility is our advantage

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