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Performance marketing is an elementary advertising tool these days.

What exactly does performance marketing mean?

Performance marketing is the comprehensive term for online marketing and its advertising programs. The advertiser only pays when a certain action takes place. This action can include a lead, sale, click, or generated view on a website.

What online advertising options are there?

There are several options for displaying your own advertising online. This happens in so-called marketing channels.  

The most important channels are:

Search Engine Marketing (SEO+SEA = SEM), Social Media Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Native & Sponsored Marketing.

Can we analyze an already existing performance marketing strategy?

The review of the already existing performance marketing plan is a useful measure in order not to lose sight of the set goals and to get an honest view of your own performance marketing from the outside.  

We take a precise look at the advertising campaign including wording, keywords and budget, analyze the given data and compare the goals and expectations of the campaign with the actual output.

Can we design a new performance marketing campaign?

Of course! We discuss the goals and expectations of the campaign with you and then create a concrete performance marketing plan. It is particularly important here to respond individually to the ideas and intentions of the customer, since not all performance marketing tools are equally suitable for achieving the goals.

We are experts in performance marketing.

Our approach: Take all specifications and requirements into account, then work out the right strategy and ultimately use the appropriate performance marketing tools. 

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