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The marketing analysis shows whether the right marketing strategy is being used.


What does marketing strategy mean?

Marketing strategy is the crucial element for the success of any business. Without the right marketing strategy, there is no focus - and without focusing, it is hardly possible to achieve your goals.

The marketing strategy is the company's match plan. This combines all aspects of so-called contact points of potential customers with the company in order to generate sales and increase the competitive advantage. 

What do we do in marketing analysis?

In our marketing analysis, we take a detailed look  Look at your marketing strategy and divide it into several sections.  We analyze each of these sections and relate them to the success of your business.


What exactly is checked during the marketing analysis?
We are often asked what our marketing analysis includes.

We can divide our investigation into four points:  


1. Marketing Operations

We analyze the work processes of your marketing. The processes, capacities and personnel management are considered. In addition, the interaction of marketing in relation to sales and controlling is also taken into account in our analysis.

2. Brand values & brand core

We also check your company for possible brand values. Brand equity is the additional value that a company generates itself or with a product, ie that it is well known. A detailed analysis of the  core of the brand, the brand message and the brand strategy.

3. Performance Marketing

Of course, a detailed marketing analysis also includes a detailed examination of performance marketing, regardless of whether you are already running your own performance marketing or planning for the future. We analyze the opportunities and benefits of performance marketing in relation to your company

4. Summary & Conclusion

Ultimately, we draw the decisive conclusions from the results to see how your marketing is set up and where there may still be a need for optimization.  From this we then develop a uniform and successful marketing strategy.

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